Year's Best: Okayplayer's Top 12 Videos Of 2012 - Okayplayer

Year's Best: Okayplayer's Top 12 Videos Of 2012

Okayplayer's Top 12 Videos of 2012 (photo grid)

If you read our Top 12 Albums and Top 12 Songs year end lists, you may have noticed certain artists and projects cropping up again and again. Genius ain’t distributed equally and that’s doubly true when it comes to the videos. Though the visual culture that accompanies music nowadays doesn’t fit that easily into the box of ‘music television’ anymore, videos are more necessary than ever–to the extent that it’s been said your song does not exist online if it doesn’t have a video to go with it. The result of course is that every song has one—even if, let’s be real, every song shouldn’t. So in spite of the flood of musical clips, the market on true visual innovation is cornered by an even smaller cartel of experimenters–not only are some of these creators repeat offenders from our albums and songs list, at least two (Flying Lotus and Killer Mike) also have multiple entries here making the Top 12 Videos a Top 10 of Visual Innovators, a very select club of bugouts who also tend to cameo in each other’s shit. Read on to see who made the, uh, cut and see if you can spot them.

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