In spite of auto-tune, reality TV and all manner of dreams deferred, 2011 turned out to be a phenomenal year for music of both the throwback and the young-buck variety. Some torches were passed, some torches were rekindled and some torches threatened to set the world on fire (and still might). LPs are now the complete artworks of accomplished music-makers moreso than they are sale-able commodities. But songs are not only the new um, currency of the music industry. They are sparks that spread music from person to person–and act as mini-soundtracks for the moments we’ll take with us if we get out of 2011 alive. So raise a glass (or break a bottle) while we run down some of songs that defined 2011 for us.



  • In Search of Stoney Blackstar?!

  • FaHeems

    This list is garbage: Trey Songz, N****S in Paris? Haha

  • Phase007

    No Pharaoh Monch??!! “Blackhand Side” hands down…

    • KT

      I agree 100% on this one. W.A.R. was one of my favorite albums this year, and Blackhand Side, along with Clap were some of my favorite tracks this year. Big ups to Pharoah

    • Feather Indian

      Yeah I agree W.A.R. was way slept on and I was hoping it would get a little love from OKP!! I was like wow not even a mention for Clap??

    • darrell

      yep… black hand side and shine were a couple of my favorite songs of 2011

  • Chris V

    I agree with a lot of these besides a couple of em. Gotta agree with The Roots, Nas, Black Star, Kendrick for sure.

  • mark tweem

    2 upper boys:
    это же по версии окайплеера, бестолочи.)
    Москва поддерживает!

  • Marty

    What is “moreso?” Is that Spanish?

    Anyhoo, this list was trash without Monch being included or Jean Grae even.

    • JB


  • JB

    did i really not see Pharoahe Monch on this list? i might as well go back to reading the source

  • junior skuez

    the really og music 4 ever.

  • HipHop

    WTF is happening to this place?!?!?!

  • Nas Nasty is definitely one of the dopest hip hop tracks of 2011.

  • thebiach

    am I the only one who thinks Stomp sounds A LOT like Kanye’s “Heartless”…
    “How could be so/Doctor Evil/ you’re bringing out a side of me I don’t know…”

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