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Admittedly, the music video game is not what it once was. If there’s anything positive you could say about the music industry in 2011, though, it is that the fracturing of traditional video outlets (and major label budgets) appears to have created a more diffuse creative field for visuals, transforming what was once an ultra-standardized format into a crowded space of camera-phone uploads and guerilla performances–while at the same time stretching others into short films and even album-length movies. Here are 11 of the best the year offered up for our eyeballs…MTV is dead, long live MTV.

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  • It is criminal that this countdown does not mention Clap (One Day) by Pharoahe Monch

  • thomas

    say what you want about the guy, but Yonkers by Tyler, The Creator i think should be the video of the year on every list, OFWGTA would not be where they are now without it

    • G


      That “I got so much trouble on my mind” video is nowhere near as good. They just put it up because they feel it’s more relevant cuz of the Pusha T co-sign.