Yasiin Bey x Mannie Fresh - "OMFGOD" (behind the scenes)

Though Yasiin Bey will always be a BK-representer, quiet as kept the artist FKA Mos Def has been holding down New Orleans for a minute (we’re no fools, we know who put the preservation in Preservation Hall). Maybe it’s only natural given his change of scenery and his longstanding admiration for the beats of one Mannie Fresh, that he would eventually get int the studio with the Pope of Louisiana. Natural or not, a lot of fools will be shocked (<–King AdRock voice) to hear the result. The result, apparently, is a track called “OMFGOD” and you can hear quite a chunk of it–plus a lot of in-studio vibes and some vintage video of Mos expressing his respect for Fresh–in these 2 video teasers. Watch below and after the jump and keep an eye on: www.omfgodbknola.com for more info.


  • J in the A

    Oh shit!


  • happytrees

    This is exciting.

  • saayes


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  • Ralphboogie

    All I have to say is…”OMFGOD”

  • under

    that was dope. this must mean Manny gettin’ closer to getting off that Swine! lol

  • quetzacoatl

    …oh yeah Mannie Fresh… the guy who was all like “Big thick plumber chick,
    and a Hummer chick
    Beat the dick like a motherfuckin drummer chick
    See dat puddy-cat?
    Look at dat
    I love a fuckin hoodie-rat,
    that’s a fact”‘ in the horrible women (as well as hip-hop) degrading song “back dat azz up” with one Juvenile. Honestly, Mos? What are you thinking?? Stay focused on that new Blackstar album.

  • sweetbrush

    Oh Shit! Dee up in the video too!

    • Zig

      Yeah, that’s what I was saying! I wonder if Dee gonna be on the track? Folks sleeping on the kid, I hope he’s on the come up.

  • Jehsyn

    @quetzacoat … How do you expect a light to be effective if you keep it locked in a box? Let the light out of the box. Its good for all parties involved.

  • Tom

    I’m a huge fan of Yasiin but I can’t say I’m feeling this collaboration. All of these Mannie Fresh beats sound wack