Yasiin Bey Freestyle over the beat of "I Don't Like" by Chief Keef

The ever-fresh Yasiin Bey uses the beat from “I Don’t Like” by Chief Keef as a good excuse to run through a list of things he don’t like, starting with White Supremacists and moving down the list (shouts to Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and “this whole Chicago moment.”) All the lyrical edge you expect from a Mos track plus all the ratchet-ry in the riddim section that you didn’t, necessarily. Which is pretty much the M.O. of this whole Top 40 Underdog trip he’s embarked on recently. Stream or download Yasiin Bey’s freestyle on “I Don’t Like” by Chief Keef below; enjoy and look out for more Yasiin loosies and exclusives in the near future!

props to HT


  • Sounds like #shotsfired at Rozay

  • perfect title for my feelings on this heinous crime against my ears

  • mo

    ehh….sounds like the original to me. it’s not like he did anything super different w. the beat. i think it’s more about the content.

    • Tom

      I agree, it is all about the content. I don’t like the original song or Bey’s approach to it, but that doesn’t change the fact that Bey is a great writer

  • Christopher B.

    YES SIR!

  • Ben

    this version or the original … I don’t like. So far I’ve been less than impressed with the top 40 underdog series

  • souljourner06

    keep it comin Yasiin Yasiin Yasiin!
    this dude is incredible

  • kazan

    loved it.

  • Kristopher Arsenaux

    What is up with supposed true Hip Hop heads giving K West props. That fool is consumed with nonsense. He is a puppet. Is not K West a part of the institution now?

  • gahbage

    yo these artists need to pop the bubble they live in and spend some time on their s%it… this is so sloppy and slapdash that it’s not worth going into… already typed 36 words too many