Wiz Khalifa Celebrates 4/20 With First Ever Mobile Game "Weed Farm"

Photo of Wiz Khalifa courtesy of Atlantic Records.

Roll that ish, light that ish and smoke that ish today, good people. Yes, yes, it is 4/20, which means no urine tests at work and all the munchies you can consume. This also means that everyone’s favorite chieftain, Wiz Khalifa, has some new work to offer the people. The Taylor Gang superstar and Atlantic Records recording artist has officially released his free-to-play mobile game, Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm, now available on the Apple App store and Google Play.

Wiz Khalifa Celebrates 4/20 With First Ever Mobile Game "Weed Farm"

Photo of ‘Weed Farm’ courtesy of Atlantic Records.

Created in partnership with Taylor Gang Entertainment, Warner Music Artist Services and Metamoki, a boutique game studio — the premise for Weed Farm is right up the alley for those who burn the hashish and love the indica. “Grow, harvest, reinvest,” are the goals for the player who hops on Weed Farm. Utilizing an authentic experience, Weed Farm captures the real life stakes and moments of a marijuana entrepreneur and offers a glimpse of a world where legalized cannabis.

Subsequent releases will enable players to be able to expand their operations across the U.S. and possibly the world, as the green, sticky-icky is legalized within the game. To better show what we’re talking about, Wiz has graciously released a trailer to let gamers, buddah smokers and lovers of the green know just why Weed Farm is the product to be copping on this 4/20.

Watch the clip below and download Weed Farm by clicking here: