Williamsburg's Own Pimps of Joytime Honor Prince With "777-9311" Tribute Video

Williamsburg's Own Pimps of Joytime Honor Prince With "777-9311" Tribute Video

Williamsburg's Own Pimps of Joytime Honor Prince With "777-9311" Tribute Video

Photo of The Pimps of Joytime courtesy of JP Cutler Media.

If you’ve never been to Williamsburg to see the Pimps of Joytime then you have to question what your soul is made out of.

This Brooklyn-based band have been knocking out shows and slaying audiences all across the country. Truly taking their own success by the cajones, bandleader Brian J has gifted the world an infectious slate of dance grooves and melodies. Alongside his cavalcade of creators, this funk and soul outfit have decided to pay tribute to the late, great Prince Rogers Nelson in their new video of a true classic, “777-9311”.

Composed, produced, arranged and performed by Prince, he recorded at his home studio 35 years ago in 1982. “777-9311” was the lead single for The Time‘s album, What Time Is It? and as we approach the eve of the one-year anniversary of Prince’s passing, the Pimps of Joytime commemorate his life the only way they know how—through the love of music. The signature sounds are there—from the programmed hi-hat pattern and off-beat snare to those funky baselines—allowing singers Mayteana Morales and Kimberly Dawson to add their 1-2 punch to this undeniable hit song.

“My respect and reverence for Prince runs deep,” Brian J said in a release statement. “When the idea of me covering a Prince track came up, I originally flat our rejected it. What is the point… his work is singular and can’t be improved upon. The closest to a Prince cover that I did feel at ease doing is ‘777-9311.’ It’s a Time track, but Prince’s fingerprints are all over it. I decided to slow it down and bring a bit of grime into it.”

“777-9311” reached #2 on the R&B charts and #88 on the pop charts. The song’s title reflected guitarist Dez Dickerson‘s real telephone number and would go on to be sampled by the likes of 2Pac (“Whatz Ya Phone #?”), Justin Timberlake (“I’m Lovin’ It”) and Domino (“Physical Funk”).

Without any further ado, press play on “777-9311” and celebrate the life of one of music’s most endearing titans, Prince, by watching the Pimps of Joytime do their thing below. Check out their new album, Third Wall Chronicles, which is out now by clicking here.

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