Weekend Money "Demons" song & mini-doc

Okayfuture Premiere: Weekend Money - "Demons" + Mini-Doc

Weekend Money - "Demons" (single artwork)

Listen money, Weekend Money are so Okayfuture they were Okayfuture before there WAS an Okayfuture (true story–see the 2011 debut of their track “Insomniac” right here on okp for proofs). Now that the space-time continuum has caught up with their beats, the pre-visoned Okayfuture site debuted their new track “Demons” today, along with a mini-doc about the duo’s formation. Watch that and get more info below and click through to OKF to hear the track.

Allow Weekend Money to reintroduce themselves. We’ve been rocking with this innovative duo for a minute—ever since Okayplayer debuted their breakout track “Insomniac” in fact: and now that they have returned to trouble your dreams with this new jam “Demons” (and now that okayfuture is a thing and not just an adjective we use to try and describe Weekend Money’s music) it seems only right for us to be premiering it right cheeaa. A long with the wicked beats and voices, W$ dropped a mini-documentary to provide some context for the sounds you’re hearing and explain how an MC coming out from under the Brooklyn streets (Ne$$) and a cat who makes computer music (Baghdaddy) linked to develop the art of noise that is Weekend Money. Stream below and scroll down to watch the video, which kicks off with an acapella version of “Demons”

>>>Download Weekend Money – “Demons” (via OKF)

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