Watch Questlove and Black Thought Reenact 'The Bachelor' on 'The Tonight Show'

Well, it appears The Bachelor is back. This means exactly two things: we’ve just stepped into the final stretch of the NFL playoffs and Tuesdays will be nothing but recaps no matter what screen you turn to. Speaking of recaps, The Tonight Show offered one up last night, starring none other than The RootsQuestlove and Black Thought as Taylor and Corinne (assuming those names mean something to you.)

Thought and Quest, no strangers to the acting game, put on their best emotionally-distressed single white lady tones, and sorted out whatever issue they were having with one another. Honestly, after three or four run through, I still have no idea what’s going on here. But it’s a popular show and the fellas seem to be enjoying themselves and Questlove added hall-of-fame-worthy side-eye to an already impressive portfolio of accomplishments.

You can watch Questlove and Black Thought reenact a new episode of The Bachelor in the clip below. The show airs Monday nights at 8pm on ABC. Tune in. Or don’t. Seems like the boys can probably get you through this one without devoting too much runtime to it.