Watch Metallica & The Roots Perform "Enter Sandman" w/ Toy Instruments on 'The Tonight Show'

Over the years The Tonight Show has revealed itself to be the exclusive home for toy instrument performances from your favorite musicians. We’ve seen The Lonely Island bring “I’m On A Boat” shoreside, seen One Direction put one up for the holidays, seen Adele say “Hello.” And now we have another group to add to this prestigious list in Metallica, who are gearing up to release their tenth studio album, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, this Friday, November 18th.

Naturally, the ferocious foursome joined The Roots for a trip down memory lane, performing their breakout 1991 hit “Enter Sandman” with the maestros of classroom music compositions. Shoutout to the Napster defeating Lars Ulrich for rocking one of our “Roots-Mones” tees front-and center (available to purchase in The Shop, of course) though it won’t make up for the years torment he caused millions of millennials, forcing us to actually buy music in a pre-Spotify world (the nerve.)

In any case, you can watch Metallica and The Roots prove “never never land” is just a classroom full of tiny plastic instruments in the clip below. Stay tuned for the next episode.