Braxton Cook Gets Busy in 'Somewhere in Between' Video

Walk A Soulful Journey With Braxton Cook In 'Somewhere in Between' Video [Premiere]


What were you doing when you were 25? For me, I was running the streets of Brooklyn with my cronies, getting into mischief and writing about my adventures in music for major publications. Sounds drab when you compare it to the life + times of Braxton Cook, though. The Juilliard graduate and classically trained saxophonist already caught our attention with his mellow and honest cut, “Somewhere in Between,” which we premiered a month ago on this very site.

Cook returns – sunny disposition and all — with a video for the track. Walking through the motions in a sense, Braxton creates a time-honored feeling and message in his music, which is sure to make you continue to check for this budding talent in the future. Your soul and ears can hear the soul dripping from this track, as “Somewhere in Between” subliminally pays homage to Motown and emotive crooners like Marvin Gaye. Yet, even though you might think these references are a bit dated, Braxton Cook is a 25-year-old with the soul of somebody from the that back-in-the-day era.

So, it is only right that his classic sound make its debut at Okayplayer, which has been giving you true notes since forever and a day.

Without any further ado, allow us to introduce you to Braxton Cook’s music video for “Somewhere in Between”. Be sure to stay in the loop by following him on TwitterFacebook or his website BraxtonCook.com.

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