OKP TV Exclusive: Waka Flocka Names Hannibal Buress As His Running Mate In the 2016 Presidential Race
Artwork by Sabina Palmieri

If you ride for Hannibal Buress like we do, you are probably well familiar with his Waka Flocka Flame impression as well as his generally erudite commentary on rappers, presidents and rappers-as-presidents. Now all of these streams have merged into one as Flocka has not only announced that he is reviving his bid for President in the 2016 election cycle but named Hannibal as his running mate! Yup. You heard it here first. Flocka/Buress 2o16 is now officially a thing, somebody print up some bumper stickers and lawn signs!

Doh believe us? Just watch below as Touré reports the news in this Okayplayer TV exclusive, narrated by none other than Hollywood heavyweight Chris Rock and directed by the homie Sama’an Ashrawi. In addition to getting Waka Flocka’s official word on tape, in anticipation of this momentous announcement Ashrawi recruited endorsements and testaments to Hannibal’s character from a host of luminaries including Questlove, Black Thought, Drake (!), Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Robert Glasper, Sonnymoon, Jean Grae and Eric André not to mention Abbi and Alanna from Broad City. As with so many political contenders, these testimonials also bring to light some past behavior that could be considered disturbing, to say the least (pissin’ in the sink? Really, dawg?)

But mostly, the assembled star power on here is focused on letting you, the potential Flocka/Buress voter, what you probably already sensed about him; that Hannibal is a good dude, a comedic genius, a team player and a morale booster who would make a great Vice President and also that we all wish him a very happy belated birthday, from Flocka Flame down to the humblest Okayplayer. Go ahead Hannibal Buress. Cut the cake.