Seems like only yesterday that our friends at FADER brought a brand new artist by the OKP office to perform a spontaneous acoustic concert for an intimate handful of onlookers. It was pretty obvious right from that moment that Yuna had/was something special and scarcely a year on, the rest of the world seems to know it, too. Not least among her fans is Pharrell, who produced “Live Your Life.” This new video is simplicity itself (shot in the FADER corner conference room! Ah, I’ve read many a proof looking out at that same view) but it does the only thing it really needs to do: put you in the room with Yuna. “Live Your Life” is available as a single on iTunes now.


  • jaaz

    Yuna is super dope.. make way.

  • Toon

    Badu wrap. Cool sound.

  • i can’t wait for this girl with soul to blow up.

  • jh

    she’s awesome

  • Kolintang

    Thought she was a beautiful mix of black and something else. Turns out she’s Malaysian. That’s no Baduist wrap. She’s letting her heritage shine.

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