Rocafella-affiliated producer, engineer and A&R Young Guru has been described as Jay-Z‘s righthand man–and has also publicly declared that Jay Electronica made him love hip-hop again. As a rap centrist, so to speak, who can appreciate/speak for fans of the two Jays, YG is sort of the ideal person to speak to the online controversy that has fizzled up around the tag “Paris Vs. Poorest” – ie analysis of Yasiin Bey‘s Top 40 Underdog take on The Throne‘s “N**gas In Paris,” reimagined as “N**gas In Poorest.” The resulting video above provides a pretty thoughtful take on the situation, making the case that Bey’s record is a statement in itself, not intended as a diss record (although some people have clearly taken it that way). Watch above and if you are so busy reading philosophy that you have no idea what he’s on about, watch “N**gas in Paris” here, “N**gas In Poorest” here and the ARU think-piece Guru is commenting on here.

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  • sstretch

    Nicely spoken right here.

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  • Chea!

    Video responses are stupid. What is Young Guru really saying, and why could it not be done in two minutes? In addition, he did not acknowledge Yasiin Bey’s name. It was Floyd Patterson/Ali all over again. I found this whole thing very unfortunate. Yasiin has thrown shots in Jay’s direction before, so this is nothing new. No need to explain it, deal with it. Lastly, if Jay Elect made him fall in love with hip hop all over again, why is his music still on the shelf somewhere? None of this matters anyway as long as Yasiin toils away on G.O.O.D.

  • kidtruth

    Yasiin’s track is a commentary on hip-hop, not a direct diss to the Throne. Obviously Bey has a relationship with Kanye as they have worked together many times. Bey did this same thing on New Danger with another Jay-Z track.

  • BruceblaQ

    unless you hear someone say it’s a diss, don’t speculate. support hiphop, Yasiin as well as Jay & Ye.
    black music just like blackness is an ever increasing complex argument. YG expressed his take on it and nothing is solved. it won’t ever be solved. check out Toure’s book on post-blackness for a more indepth discussion.

  • Jeru

    “So much ying yang, it’s ridiculous”

  • Boy Sand

    “all I hear is yadda yadda yadda, all i hear is nada, and it’s getting louder”

  • woolyhatkat

    cool perspective. thanks for sharing.

  • I dig what he’s saying and it’s a nice video….but there’s no fucking way that the word “Nigga” is empowering….no matter how you spell it, it’s still an ugly ass word!