Sh*t is getting serious. Yasiin Bey, dead prez and Mike Flo have joined forces to record one hell of a Trayvon Martin tribute over NaS‘ “Made You Look” beat–titled “Made You Die.” What we get here is a sneak preview with some behind-the-scenes documentary footage of the in-studio recording process in New Orelans and interview with Yasiin and m1. To paraphrase m1’s statement, this powerful track–even when its on background–speaks for itself. Forcefully. But even so, some of the things they say I think are worth putting down here:

Either we gonna fix this or…we gonna just agree to be slaves. – Yasiin Bey

We communicating. This the weapon; this the weapon Trayvon should have on him…but this the weapon Trayvon GOT. Real Talk. -m1

spotted at NR


  • RIP Trayvon and respect to you brothers.

  • more artists should speak up for our community instead of being slaves for promo, real talk, glad these brothas are still doing what they’ve always done

  • woolyhatkat