He is still a little too weird for prime-time in America. YET. But mark my words, a year from now this dude Willis Earl Beal is going to own the world. He has got swag like Bruce Springsteen spliced with Kool Keith DNA and pipes like Alaska. IF you don’t believe me, watch him belt out “Swing On Low” live on Jools Holland (I said he was too weird for prime-time in America. Europe is already up on it, son!)  and better yet check some of the lyrics a little more closely.


Time passes through an open door / realize that there is no floor / calculator broke and so there is no score…I ain’t satisfied til I’m rockin the fool / microphone is my ticket, microphone is my tool / I’m shiver (?) fit to piss with a shovel in my fist / got my graveyard boots as I hide in the mist / I’m a fiend for the feeling / got a bone I could rock it /I’m goin’ so low, no bozos can stop it…

Consider yourself warned, bozos. Also shouts to Mr. Holland and PFTV for the timely promotion of Willis Earl Beal’s performance at ?uestlove‘s Shuffle Culture happening at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Kicks off tonight and WEB joins the shuffle tomorrow night. See you there.


  • I can understand the appreciation for the artistry, there, I am with you. However, this track doesn’t move me, or compel me to co-sign. Wack.

  • Pshhh. How you gonna say you appreciate the artistry then say he is wack? This is proof the U.S. is not ready…. Way to make us look stupid.

    Willis has an awkward style that isn’t recognized as mainstream….So didn’t Jean Michelle Basquiat, Watch for that left hook.

  • Marc Redix

    Dude is dope…

  • There is a much more engaging video of this tune posted for P-fork’s +1 series here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TOnrsLrS8I&feature=player_embedded