As another teaser for his upcoming LP project Introducin’ one-man video chop-shop and new-artform-inventor Willie Evans Jr. released another of those sampladelic video art things he does. This time he pits his MPC against late-60s video of an obscure British art-pop quartet called the Buggs. No, wait. The Beatles. Maybe he can do for them what Dre and Shadow did for David Axelrod. You know, introduce them to a whole new generation, revive their careers and maybe even set them up with a whole new revenue stream. Word.


  • Arsun F!ST

    Willie Evans been a genius, good to see him getting some shine …it’s long overdue …you guys should also check out his site http://WWW.thenerdysouth.com, its the home of the Lyricist Hour a dope hip hop web show that airs on Mondays @ 7pm..Season 3 kicks off on May 2nd with a special guest Paten Locke …Duval hip hop all day!!!!

  • Mesijuire

    WTF is this bullsh*t!?!?

    I want my 2:32 back muthafucka!

  • Q’VO

    Ummmmmm…..this shit is confusing! The video aspect of it is fresh but the music itself is horrible. Its too choppy and lacks the concept of music.