Video: The Throne "N**gas in Paris" [Explicit] - Okayplayer

Video: The Throne "N**gas in Paris" [Explicit]

Yes, y’all. The ninjas you have been waiting for are finally here. The official video for The Throne, “N**gas in Paris” still hot from the oven, minus the 4 mins & some seconds I needed to watch it myself. I’m sure this post will only be the opening salvo in a debate about whether it is even appropriate to post this on OKP so I will keep it short. To quote dantana: “this video is fresh.” And as far truth in advertising goes, it does clearly get the people going. This is lyrically explicit and also identified as potentially triggering seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy (<–for real, I did not make that up). See how I got through the whole blurb without using the word ‘cray’ (?)–oops.

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