Yes, y’all. The ninjas you have been waiting for are finally here. The official video for The Throne, “N**gas in Paris” still hot from the oven, minus the 4 mins & some seconds I needed to watch it myself. I’m sure this post will only be the opening salvo in a debate about whether it is even appropriate to post this on OKP so I will keep it short. To quote dantana: “this video is fresh.” And as far truth in advertising goes, it does clearly get the people going. This is lyrically explicit and also identified as potentially triggering seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy (<–for real, I did not make that up). See how I got through the whole blurb without using the word ‘cray’ (?)–oops.


  • ihate wackmusic

    worst song Ive ever ever ever heard!

  • Beans in Hand

    Easily one of the top jams in recent memory. Lighten up, this shit cray.

  • BD

    Aint it, Jay?

  • whateva


  • ymani


  • eazy

    Feel silly being the one to bring this up, but Oh Snap! Did you see that Masonic Square and Compass formed by lasers at the end of the video??

    • theres a lot pretty crazy symbolism in there tho i think that is supposed to be the roc-a-fella diamond u see at the end–of course, depending who you ask the roc-a-fella diamond IS the freemason symbol so hey.

  • KD06

    Interesting to see how far rap has come… Laser shows for concerts and staging that is up there with any pop artist…. With that being said this song is a decent club jam on a very average project….

  • Brendan

    I shouldn’t give a shit but whatever Kanye is wearing is cray. I know it’s all high fashion or whatever but dude looks like he is wearing a leather dress with leggings to match.

  • the soapbox killer

    Song title is correct, “niggas”, the crowds was absent of any obvious “song titles” however. Where’s the dude from the subway? I hate this song but my son loves this beat, is that bad parenting? Oh and this video gave me a headache and a rollercoasterish icky feeling. Idk guess I got old and moved out and hiphop didn’t. It’s cool.

  • ed baptiste

    Tell me if you think this is progress. I went to a high school basketball game a few weeks ago and saw an all and White and Hispanic dance troop dancing their hearts out to this song. Edited of course, but what does that really mean? Have Ye and Jay unofficially given the world permission to call us “Niggas in Paris” or should I be proud that hip hop has outreached the borders of our streets and onto a non black high school halftime show?

  • Saurus

    ‘I’m with my ni***s eating ham, hmmmmh mmhmmhmhmh ham!’?