You know how rappers trade features on each other’s shit like, OK I gave you a song for your album now you got to sing the hook on my single (?) Well the Yo Gabba Gabba Orchestra (<–I just made that up, I don’t know what else to call them) returned their flavor to The Roots in a major way last night. You may recall that the legendary Roots crew put down an original song for the psychedelic kids show (don’t ack like you don’t watch it on youtube) right about the time they announced their Late Night gig with Jimmy Fallon. They musta had ’em by the green and fuzzies after that because this cameo from the YGGO not only includes the robot and the one-eyed monster but also Biz Markie, Erykah Badu, Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo and Bootsy Collins (or is that Bootzilla?). Maybe we should call it the Gabba-Funk All-Stars. Watch above only if your brain is NOT prone to spontaneous combustion.


  • who is the crazy middle aged white lady w/glasses tryna ‘dance’ in front of Badu&tryna rap… Blackthought lovin’ it yet wondering if this is destroying his street cred at the same time…

    • amanda

      That’s Leslie Hall!!! Go to Gemsweater.com She’s pretty funny I guess…

  • Rob23

    man….I’m not high enough for this

  • melo007

    That came out way better than i thought man, that was the second best performance i’ve seen on Jimmy Fallon this year much props to the roots who are always talented and Yo Gabba Gabba!


    Tariq… go work out bruh. That belly aint a good look and it aint a good look on your heart either. Stop effin around and get that cardo goin before you throw a seizure on us.

  • Kristy Gomez

    i grew up with the Roots and now my little one gets to do the same. this is freakin’ awesome. Elijah and I just watched this with me & wouldn’t stop saying “GO CRAZY! GO CRAZY!” 🙂 Thx guys.

  • this is awesome!!!!….my neice and i loving the same jams!!!..that’s how music should be!..INCREDIBLE.

  • oneepat

    My kids loved it…..Hence it is for kids….

  • Eboneetigress

    The kids should be in bed by the time Fallon is on…

  • the point i was gunnamake lol^^^^ wat kid caught this when it aired?….i mean i guess they can catch like here or on a re-run but still lol…but it is nice when stuff is made for kids too…and yes i agree with the above i saw the belly on black and was like wtf son? lololol that shit is even wrst in the color hes sportin too LOL