Our favorite band (The Roots, duh) just put down this exclusive nameless, hookless track at Republic airport here in NY, while participating in a shoot for designer John Varvatos‘ fall/winter 2011 ad campaign. Yes, it’s kind of a commercial but it’s also a pretty classic song (and vid) in its own right. The opening image of ?uestlove‘s afro-mane framed against they sky and the open door of a private jet is as immortal as any Blue Note LP cover–and it just gets better from there. To get ALL access to the photos and behind the scenes exclusives, just go like John Varvatos on facebook.


  • Sawnawai Reed


  • most underrated lyricist ever.

    • Reuben

      Yo ! the roots crew is in a class by itsself always has been always will be….

  • hritz

    secret agent x voltron x i remain calm.

    verses can be found on j.period’s live mixtape with black thought on tracks “survival,” “simon says,” & “gin & juice.”

    so dope.

  • Jessiethe3rd

    Damn… BT doin’ it like Captian Crunch with Milk… not soggie.

  • nonpareil

    Good Lord, Black Thought is a lyrical genius! Percussion brought it on home at the end, utter dopeness!


    Way too dope for yall cheesy ass radio rappers to exist! The End.

  • joe

    as usual I can’t hear Tuba

  • EmDzej

    aw man, that was.. LEGENDARY!

  • donna

    These guys are so cool and they look hot!

  • C-LO

    The ROOTS are soooooo Classic, but they have been crossover/pop for years!!! WHERE IS THE F’ING SOUL!!!!!! Their score is like 10 pop joints to 2 Soul joints!!!!!! WACK!!!!!!!!!!


      you dont kw music

    • Reuben

      R U Serious ???

  • K Samson

    Damn, Thought ain’t lost it and probably will ever lose it. Dude still a beast on the mic. The band just cooks up another jam. Nice drum and percussion duet at the end!

  • Khaleel

    Damn! DAMN!! DAMNNN!!! WTF!!!! I’m losing it over here!!! That vid was cold blooded!!!! And done on 1 take!!!! Tariq gets the G.O.A.T. award this year! Legendary Roots Crew!!!!!

  • FrenchPLAYER!

    What more can we said??! Just Amazing…this is what I called real hip-hop by the Legendary Roots Crew.

  • Kingdom

    Runway Police: “Yo! Ya’ll forgot your drums!”… lol
    Baddd video!

  • Blazedale

    Stupid Dope… adding elements of the joint slowly, then Black Thought kilt-it (yea I said it right). Yaw boyz the shyt… don’t care what no-body say!

  • BruceblaQ

    they are called Legendary for a reason

  • I like the plane!

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