OkayplayerTV presents Webisode #2 from The Roots Picnic featuring The Cool Kids. This is also part of imeem’s Keys to the City Philly edition that we announced yesterday (yes they’re from Chicago, but the picnic was in Philly and curated by The Roots). Follow me after the jump for a video of The Cool Kids performing on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night. Shout out to ProCreate Pics .


Video: Black Thought & ?uestlove Interview for Keys to the City: Philly

Video: okayplayerTV: The Roots Picnic Webisode 1

Video: okayplayerTV: The Roots Picnic Webisodes Trailer

video spotted at nahright


  • broccolirob

    where is chuck’s bad boys shirt from?

  • Samuel Storm

    Hey what’s up ya’ll?

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