It would be easy for Taylor McFerrin to piggy back off the success of his 10 time Grammy award winning father (Bobby McFerrin), but time and time again Taylor has shown us he can shine on his own, regardless of his last name. The latest example of this comes in the form of this video for the That’s Rocawear campaign. Taylor shows off his beat-boxing/production skills with this live clip. It being a Rocawear promo, it’s only right that he shows love to Hova.


  • Lou

    This cat is just so dope! I Love everything I hear from Taylor McFerrin. Thanks for posting this.

  • BEAUTIFUL!!!!….art at its finest.

  • Great track Thanks for posting it.

  • Very glad I was blessed to witness this. With no question and/or debate completely dope. Was a huge fan of the great Bobby McFerrin and his son is a major talent. Beautiful to see and hear! Extremely dope…word’s can’t express my impression with this vid.