Get your Maurice Sendak/Spike Jonz on with this new leak from Sonnymoon. This is obviously intended to be a dancefloor stomper (I’m not just going off the title, see the quote/manifesto from Sonnymoon below) but oddly it works better as a sort of inner-space headphone jam with the strobe-y animated detournement of the visuals.

A few words from the Sonnymoon:

Sonnymoon encourages you to contact your animal side with Wild Rumpus, their second single off of their upcoming eponymous LP. As the title suggests, this cut questions what separates Human from Animal. it opens like the dawn with the morning sun, bright and boisterous, with the energy of a gang of thirsty animals at a watering hole. Forget your responsibilities and dance around like a fool for 4 minutes and 51 seconds, after which we promise you will feel more alive.  – Dane∞Anna



  • eazy

    This was really cool. The editing of the video is pretty awesome the way it matches the music so well. I get a sense they are doing a lot more drugs this time around. At first, I thought there new music wasn’t straight forward enough, but now I get it. They are doing more of a proggy psych rock thing.. I like it a lot more now that I’m listening to it in its own category, rather than just comparing it to the old stuff.