With all the no good, cheating, double-crossing, I hate you so much right now type anti-man anthems, it’s nice to hear Raphael Saadiq put something out there for all the men handlin’ their responsibilities. Watch Saadiq’s video for “Good Man” starring Chad Coleman (The Wire)and Yaya DaCosta (America’s Next Top Model). Dude caught a raw deal with this one, I’ll be damned if I’m home eating cheese sandwiches trying to make money for my girl who’s been sleepin’ around and got me locked up. Video directed by Isaiah Seret. Saadiq’s Stone Rollin‘ will be out March 22nd.


  • maro


  • kennyken

    man this is music bruh that’s all i can say lol

  • real ish…big ups

  • musiklova

    Now dat was some good ish.

  • se.po

    dis guy is hard workin man – Raphael got soul 4 life….!!!!

  • Imperial777

    I don’t know what to say.

  • fred


  • ToTheTop

    Woozers! This is as successful as Common’s ‘Testify’ video.

  • Cokanutz

    that was a beautiful video…but that dude was tripping


    This video is excellent … this brother here is the truth.

  • KD06

    Perfection… I see Cutty done came up from the his days at the gym…

  • Jonathan Gordy

    wow, i have some issues right now got me thinking being a good man ain’t worth it no more. thanks for the vid Raphael, needed to get some loving from somewhere. bitches be walking out on a man while he doing all he can.


    1. Pardon Me Sunshine ft. Lupe Fiasco
    2. Fancy Huh ft. Swizz Beatz
    3. No Dancing In The Rain ft. Blu & Exile
    4. Makes Me Feel Alright ft. Jake One
    5. Music Box ft. Atmosphere

    St. Eve
    Los Angeles, CA

  • this video made me cringe. He should’ve pulled out a gun rather than some cash.

  • Needed a song like too.finally…. that lady thought this song was a real head banger..

  • Le’Evelyn

    This video is fire. Very creative!

  • Amanda

    Love Raphael Saadiq. such a talented and amazing singer- can’t wait for his new album! If you’re a fan, check out the free download of his new song “Stone Rollin'” on itunes this week!

  • Lee

    ummm. im confused. so was were they married? was she a prostitute? was he paying for her to come back home? Love the song though.

  • terrance

    he pimped out his girlfriend, she put him in prison, he learned to be a good man. how did you miss that?