The self-described purple Yoda, arguably the baddest of all mamba jambas, the one and only Prince Rogers Nelson blessed George Lopez with a three-song live performance on his talk show last night and, even crazier, an interview. There’s really not much more to say  except as the host himself points out, this is what love sounds like.

spotted at MWP


  • Christina

    Prince yessssss!!!! Now this is amazing music you can also find some amazing music this weekend it’s that time of the year again, Record Store Day is this Saturday 4/16 make sure to go support your local record store. Enter to win exclusive prizes http://bit.ly/dF2nOO

  • NagelFoundation

    Never mind Kanye, Jay-z and Nikki Minaj; Prince is the Monster. Genius.

  • sstretch

    Damn, I need to start watching more of the lopez show, this dude got PRINCE to come out his world to be on here, crazy. Good music right here, PRINCE definitely a genius at this music craft.

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  • D.M.S.R.dude

    beyond epic!