If it is 12:06 then this must be the world-world pre-premiere of “Tip The Scale,” The Roots next video from undun–which flows seamlessly out of the video for “Make My” which we premiered on Friday (watch below for ease of connecting the dots). I bet when you first read about undun you didn’t expect the visual component to be a straight shoot ’em up but since the album sings the “undoing of a kid” you should know it was gonna get ugly even when it was being beautiful.

For the next few tuesdays you’ll know it is 12:06 when we drop another video premiere on you and then when you can hear and see this ghetto symphony in all its gritty glory, you’ll know it’s 12/6.



  • AGP

    This right here is f*cking brilliant.

  • red

    if you dont love this shit you have never herd hip hop in your life and you lve in the woods somewhere fact .

    • I live in the woods somewhere, and I love this. I have heard of hip hop though, so maybe i had a head start.

  • jjj

    amazing song, although i wish it were at least twice as long.

    the roots sure do love music videos featuring someone walking the streets, though.
    “you got me,” “how i got over,” etc.

    • Rant

      Strange comment considering the subject matter. If you want pop music iconology with fast cars and women I would strongly have to suggest a different website for you. Hiphop music is for, on, and from those walking streets.

    • rap thought

      what are you talking about. the dude was making a correct observation. your reply is the strange comment. lol

  • alastor

    What a chorus. very nice, dice. and jjj, this is just a segment of the full song, like they did with “maky my” above, I’m sure there’s gonna be a bunch more to this already amazing snippet if “make my” can serve as an example-they don’t even have the awesome outro in the video

  • sstretch

    These joints are mad teasers lol I’m copping the album anyways.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • Andrei

    Great song and great lyrics. You can read them by following the link bellow. Once the “Undun” album is release this December I will have the lyrics for all the songs. Please like us on facebook.

  • lia

    the roots never fail. great to hear real hip hop again ♥

  • That’s a dope chorus…..

  • Tyler

    Okay, so has anyone other than me ever thought that the roots should do the half time show for the super bowl?!!???!??!!! The past few years have sucked and we ALL know they would be amazing, after all, they fail at nothing

  • JJ

    Make My is the illest one.