Kings County representer J-Live adopts the royal “we” to put upstart MCs in their place on this first video (directed by Will Feagins) off his excellent S.P.T.A album, premiering exclusively on OKP (airhorns/explosion/laser noise). Dude has mastered (literally) every aspect of the hip-hop craft and has been making great music for years and years with no tears, so I guess I should not be surprised at how good this shit is, but I actually am a little taken aback with Live’s ferocity on here. And ultimately, I guess that’s why  he made this video (and the whole 3-part mega-album). Just to let us all know he will not go gentle into that good night, giving no quarter to those who would abuse his beloved hip-hop. Watch out, y’all–it’s the return of the super-good. S.P.T.A. is out now, go get it.



  • Spazz

    lol what would you do if that was your english teacher?

  • marco on the beat. nice track.

  • sstretch

    Great joint right here, dude J LIVE is always consistent and MARCO POLO always dropping bangers.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • Very dope, crazy concept. Lyrics on point and idea to sound like 3 different emcees dope!