This is a dope new song from world-renowned drummer Jamire Williams and his band ERIMAJ going kind of D’Angelo x Chuck Mingus, stylistically speaking. It also just happens to be directed by Cubic Zirconia frontgal and renaissance woman Tiombe Lockhart, who gave us the opportunity to premirere it to the world. She pulls off a nice balancing act, too; managing to capture Jamire’s old school jazzman spirit while still imbuing every shot with an edgy She’s Gotta Have It sexual tension that might just make your pithecanthropus erectus. Get more sounds from ERIMAJ here.


  • This is a beautifully shot video; impressive with a lot of color and life. The acting is real, the wardrobe is creative, and the song is jazzy and heart felt. Thank you Tiombe–you should produce more.

  • Wonderful video!

    Jamire Williams is one of the most interesting drummers I’ve heard/seen lately. I saw him at a Christian Scott gig at Nefertiti in Sweden last year, and I was just blown away. We even got to hang out with him for a while after the gig – need I say more? 😉

    I haven’t put that much attention into this new project, but I’ll be following them with great interest.

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