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Video Premiere: Busdriver "Leaf House" (Animal Collective Cover)

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

Prolifically weird L.A. rapper and experimenter Busdriver returns with a DIY video (shot entirely on a Droid phone! <–not a joke) for his cover of Animal Collective’s “Leaf House” (off 2004’s Sung Tongs), which we are pleased to debut. Certain images have a little bit of a Blair Witch feel but it turns out ‘driver is just camping out in his own mental backyard (actually shot in Paris). It also has roughly 3x as many stuffed animals as the Animal Collective vid. For extra fun, open them in side-by-side browsers and click ‘play’ at the same time. The single drops on September 30th with “Lady Place” (produced by Flying Lotus on the b-side). Enjoy.

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