Whoever edited the closing credits for Percee P‘s “Mastered Craftsman” video seems to have found it improbable that the Bronx-native has really been rapping since 1979, crediting the lethal lyricist for only 23 of his 33 years on the mic. Even so, “Mastered Craftsman” might even be an understatement for a man with a third of a century’s experience in his field. What Percival shows us on this one is that he’s got that parking lot cypher deeply engrained in him– and that he knows how to chop the head right off those Madlib rattlesnake-drums.


  • Elwood

    I think you mean “a third of a century’s experience”

  • Dang…LIB is crazy

  • beatbopscholar

    Percee P – Untold Hip Hop Story with MC Serch, Akinyele, Nas, T-Ray, DJ Eclipse, DJ Ekim..


  • kidtruth

    I love this album. Some of the grittiest Madlib beats and Percee. I hope they do another album.

  • I am the one who did the edits on the whole video, i spoke to percee p on the phone about the dates, and hes been rapping since 1977 actually, he made is debut album in 1989 along with the battle with Lord Finesse.. There was a slight misunderstanding with the dates though, it is what it is but either way it doesnt make a difference