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Video: Percee P "Woman Behind Me" (prod. Madlib)

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

Even though it’s set in the Patterson House on 145th street, Bronx rapper Percee P apparently came out to LA to shoot the video for this rework of “Lady Behind Me” by Madlib. The result, directed by Ivan Ives has a dreamy throwback feel worthy of deft rhymes and the sublime soul loops of this 2007 lighter-raiser from the Perseverance: The Madlib Remix LP. He even gets his Hype Williams on a little something with the hanging lightbulbs! We’d love to what would result if Ives had a production budget truly worthy of ‘Lib’s cinematic sound but all around, this is a pleasant surprise. If there’s any justice in the world, this will be the first in an ongoing series and Ives is going to work backwards from ’07 and shoot videos for every 12″ and forgotten album cut from slept-on Bronx rappers. Somebody track down Mysterme and DJ 20/20.

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