Pretty brilliant (and pretty, well, peculiar) re-imagining of the Motown classic by
okayplayer fav Oddisee, flipping Marvin’s carefree vocal over a tinkly and ominous piano underpinned by wicked drums. You know this is going to be some next level sh*t when the video opens with those go-go girls, hair writing and dancing medusa-style to the beat. Oddisee’s newest effort People hear What They See drops on June 5th, just FYI–we recommend you pre-order it on iTunes now.


  • BleSSeD_ViceS

    Allow me to be the first to comment…FUCK YES!!!! Oddisee! Daymn! I knew when i clicked this it was gonna be dope but got damn..this..made my day. when them raps come in…fuckin A!. blown away. can’t wait for this odd renditions shit.

  • FLyNINJa

    GOOD SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oddisee is growing on me.
    He started booking his won shows overseas back in the days.
    Keep up the great stuff.

  • troubleman1981

    dope……keep repn dmv!