The CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival just concluded in NYC this past Saturday. I don’t do much sleeping in general but CMJ week puts that insomnia on 10, hitting 3-4 shows every night. I tried to strategically map out my stops based on set times, but inevitably, something like this always happens. I step into SOBs just to be told Mos Def (soon to be Yasiin Bey) just made a surprise visit and premiered some new shit (*sigh*). Luckily, it’s 2011 and nothing goes unrecorded anymore, so compliments of hiphopbeef.com, check the visuals of Mos getting into some new joints produced by J Dilla, Madlib, and Oh No. The audio isn’t great, but it’s clear enough to tell that a name change isn’t all we need to be anticipating from Mos in 2012.


  • troubleman81


  • kidtruth

    Sounds great – Yasiin has spit more bars in the past three months than the past three years, it seems like. I wonder if he’s doing material for a solo album and a Black Star reunion album, or what? Either way I’m most excited by his choice in beats. Three beats here by three great producers.

  • Mos neva lets me down!

  • Insight-Full bless

    Yasin is soooooo iiiiiillll i cant wait for his album !!!1

  • d

    already performed on fuel tv, its called world premiere

  • ffryting =a world premier n rap (ebonix u neva hurd of n cyan study u ho)

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