DOOM gives us a glimpse behind the mask (figuratively speaking) on this extensive conversation with Chairman Mao of ego trip/APT fame for Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid. Seeing cats go so deep on underground culture makes me imagine what would happen if James Lipton really had DOOM or Raekwon or somebody on Inside the Actors Studio. “Mr. Doom you displayed demented brilliance from your very first cameo on “The Gas Face”–what was it like, being the target of MC Serch‘s indigestion?” Shit is dope. In other tidings of DOOM, the DOOM Dime box just came out from Metalface records–get it now.

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  • Not garbage more like food for persamientos puto go away! lol

  • Watching them listen to the records is funny because some of them are looking so deep and nodding waaaay too hard….

    love doom tho

    • pinshe wyno

      no its funny cause the are all white

  • when i saw de la soul in nighttown i had a blast first of all i looked like a crazy yt but brought my niece her boyfriend (who lived in rotterdam they have 2 kids now) and my nephew (who teefd my first stereo mixer+equipment) who is also married now and made my brother (who helped him teef my equipment) GRANDPA for the 3rd time, me ? i even’t a daddy now lol still not that i know off i tell you this because 3rd base and di comment doom gives opens perspective for me i remember listening to army radio in utrecht the netherlands they used to play all di ish without di dutch ruis u know static, u have feedback and static, in communication music is feedback not just static ; like feedback is i will neva put a picture of me on facebook , static is what i wrote at the beginning of this comment . information is i really dont believe in the innovator and leggard ish , but there are people who taught me that; so relax they think they cant be found. peace is my message .
    O N E