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Video: Melvin Van Peebles "Love That's America" X #Occupy

by Eddie "STATS"
6 years ago

Melvin Van Peebles (not the New Jack City Van Peebles. The OG Sweet Sweetback my-personal-hero Van Peebles) cut this new footage of the #OccupyWallStreet movement to his 1971 song “Love That’s America” which is eerily (sadly) relevant to today’s headlines. Van Peebles’ voice has particular resonance on this issue, because in addition to being the first independent black filmmaker I believe MVP was also the 1st black trader on Wall Street. Head spinning? His career path may defy easy political categories but as Van Peebles has famously said “my politics is to win.” And that is the dude I want on my team. You can get firmly on the Van Peebles team this Thursday when he performs at Zebulon in Brooklyn. Get more info via facespace.

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