The new Lupe Fiasco video for “Words I Never Said”–a stark but effective piece directed by Sanaa Hamri that perfectly illustrates the song’s concept, which is all about self-censorship. In 3 minutes Lupe hijacks the PA system on a city bus, kung fu fights his way out of (mental) prison and rescues a hot girl in lace-up boots from a Matrix-like brainwashing machine. It all makes sense when you watch it and listen to the lyrics of the hook. But the verses are what really sell this song. Lupe starts out with “I really think the War on Terror is a load of bullsh*t” and then proceeds to “Limbaugh is a racist/Glenn Beck is a racist” before tracing out jihaadists (and Israel), questioning 9/11 and explaining why he doesn’t vote. I don’t agree with 1/2 the things he says in here, actually, but the fact that we went so balls out is kind of refreshing–and that’s the point!


  • FallofJericho

    This album frustrated me, BUT there were some definite shining points on it, this song being one of them. Excellent video, I’m still pleased to be a Lupe fan.

  • im very surprised i like this video, thought i wasn’t, but def strong n the beginning with the people silenced!

  • The SoapBox Killer

    Murder the agenda!

  • Was expecting the video 2 be better but lupe n the whole tone of the song reminded me of dre’s n eminem’s “need a doctor” song imo

    • yo

      yeah, that’s alex da kid’s thing.. big single, throw skylar grey on the hook, bam. move units

  • ToTheTop

    Well Done Lupe!


    shout out 2 Lupe when was the last time U heard an emcee call sum1 a racist in a song ..these niggas steady fighting other dumb ass niggas they’ve 4gotten itz a bigga picture or do they kno ..hmmm mayB thatz the phuKkKin point …

  • Liberal Jew

    A reasonable person cannot deny that religious fundamentalism is at the heart of Israel’s settlement policy. Lupe criticizes the settlement policy, but does not criticize the fundamentalism. In fact, Lupe is a monotheist himself. The fundamental basis of his world-view is that there is a just God so the problems we experience must come from some unjust other (“bad people”). Muslim, Jew, Christian–this othering is necessary to sustain the illusion of a just omniscient creator. So Lupe is a part of a deeper problem than the one he is criticizing. Such othering happens frequently with underrepresented communities whom are blamed for their resulting criminality. We could be talking about black people being blamed for incarceration, or Palestinians blamed for terror. The point is you can’t blame the Jews without blaming the Palestinians. Only when we realize blame is an illusion can we focus on the real structural problems.

    • rcd2

      he doesn’t blame the jews or Israel, and you bring it up blames Lupe, which you yourself say is an illusion.

      I think this is a well executed song and video (although the hook is a bit lacking for me).

    • FallofJericho

      Liberal Jew, please don’t post anything ever again, thank you.

    • David Rothstein

      Have you ever heard of the saying ‘cash rules everything around me.’ These words were uttered by a wise poet recognized as Raekwon. Truth is, Israel’s settlement policy is purely driven by ECONOMICS not religion. This should be common sense. You dont need a political scientist to tell you this. Israel is expanding settlements at such a rapid pace to meet the growing demand of the economy. Unfortunately, this means that palestinians are losing there homes and lives for the sake of money. There is nothing new under the sun. People often use religion as a scapegoat but must realize that it is just a means to an end, a tool for what is really sought after. The person who wrote the above message named ‘liberal jew’ needs to be objective and keep his emotions or bias out of the discussion. Thank You 🙂

  • sstretch

    That was a good lyrical song right there. Not really feeling the hook, similar to eminem’s album, same producer and same chick on the hook, beat is aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttt, but LUPE just carries this with his lyrics and the video is straight on point. At least LUPE didn’t conform his lyricism which is always a good sign.

    Check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • “I don’t agree with 1/2 the things he says in here, actually, but the fact that we went so balls out is kind of refreshing–and that’s the point!” –Eddie “STATS”

    what? you need to explain yourself, and possibly re-edit whatever it was you were attempting to say.

    • The whole song is about how we muzzle ourselves and practice self-censorship because too often we’re afraid of people’s reactions. So even though i don’t agree with everything Lupe said, the fact that he spoke his mind in such a point blank is what makes this great IMO. And I think thats exactly what he intended–not so much to convince people of his point of view, but to convince them that they shouldn’t be afraid to voice their own. Make more sense now?

  • KD06

    Best track I’ve heard from him. I’m not a Lupe fan, his lyrics just aren’t up to par. I enjoy his subject matter but compared to the current crop of new MC’s (Jay Elec, J.Cole, and etc.) he just doesn’t make the cut. This jam is good though for sure….

    • SenB

      ”his lyrics just aren’t up to par”. what???

    • actualize

      i agree. we’ve seen lupe do far greater things. reks/jay elec/jcole/skyzoo are doing greater things right now