This is must-watch TV, y’all.  Lupe Fiasco came on Fox News’ the O’Reilly Factor last night to defend statements he made (in interviews about his song “Words I Never Said“) in which he characterized President Obama (and the U.S. generally) as “the biggest terrorist in the world.”  The absurd beauty of this, of course, is that it puts conservative pundit O’Reilly in the position of defending Obama, especially his aggressive action in taking out Osama Bin Laden–pretty heavy irony considering that Fox News has regularly conflated the President with the #1 terrorist through insinuation, convenient typos and sometimes straight-up lies ever since he became a candidate. Though Lupe scores some intelligent points about the real sources of ‘weaponized fear’ here and there, his answers are mostly chopped up by obvious edits so as to include only his most flustered and argumentative moments on-camera, while O’Reilly plays it very reasonable and level-headed. But who is playing who? Is O’Reilly discrediting Lupe’s dissent, or has the rapper bad-copped the right wing into getting behind a black democratic President? I can’t help but  think of Malcolm X‘s insightful quote about his differences with MLK, Jr to the effect that: “If the white people realize what the alternative is, perhaps they will be more willing to hear Dr. King.”

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  • Abdu’

    I agree with lupe, what hell is the united state army still doing in afghanistan when they already killed Osama.

    • Christopher

      providing support to a country with no functoning government

  • dez

    Its funny that this website continues to support Obama at all costs. I couldn’t agree with Lupe more. You all need to get over your obsession with Obama’s race and see him for what he is.

    • As a website, we don’t, really. We mostly support artists, some–like Common and Jill Scott–who have great relations w/ the Obama White House and some –like Lupe–who don’t. As people we got mad different opinions, also.

    • J Lou

      I’m confussed, what is President Obama?

  • sstretch

    lol Just because a person is the same race as you doesn’t mean they out for your own interest and that’s why this is going on. OBAMA was still a politician at heart.

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  • NickD

    I feel there’s way too many problems that exist in our own community, to be so vocal about Obama and his Foreign Policies……What about these radio stations who support rappers whom convey violence and other destructive messages to our children. Although we have the freedom to speak our mind, we have to clean our own homes before we worry about another persons house.

  • I feel there’s way too many problems that exist in our own community, to be so vocal about Obama and his Foreign Policies……What about these radio stations who support rappers whom convey violence and other destructive messages to our children. Although we have the freedom to speak our mind, we have to clean our own homes before we worry about another persons house.

    niceeee! I disagree with callin obama a terrorist in terms of using that wrd…i think thats a little agressive..but i do agree with lupe in terms of “our actions” with the middle East, now obama didnt start all this middle east ish, the bush campaign initiated, now wen obama became prez he had to take all of it, meanin wat was alredy started ….so i mean i think its kinda ruff for lupe to use that wrd …idk……and i agree with the comment above ….our radio waves are clustered with sex, drugs, violence and boring love songs….America in many media forms is corrupted…..im pretty underground with everything in terms of media now…even more with film or more foreign too….

  • Tungz

    BRAVO LUPE!!!!

  • The funny thing (as well as tragic) is that we as a people are now divided and have fallen for the old “divide and conquer tactics.” It is impossible to agree 100% with any politician, but some of the statements people are making about Obama are ridiculous. So I take it that we would rather have someone from the Tea-party in office, because that is where we are heading if Obama is not re-elected. I like Lupe’s music, but he is far from a scholar on political matters.

    NOTE- I don’t agree with the war, I think we should have pulled out ages ago, but calling Obama a Terrorist is over the top.

  • jose d’melo

    i think what lupe is trying to say, is that he’s against any government that uses terror to rally support for their foreign policy, and that is terrorism. Bill O’riely is tough to argue against though, anyone who hasnt seen jon stewart school o’reily should check it out, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Im8WhG-8FGw

  • troubleman81

    Lupe had the Mos Def t-shirt on!…..

  • j.

    wow, lupe is not only a wack rapper, but a fucking moron

  • Feather Indian

    As a Native American, I understand what Lupe is saying or hinting to in his Lyrics, That all forms of government, past and present, have used “Terrorist” tactics to achieve their best interests at some point if not regularly. Especially the United States of America! I believe that what he is trying to accomplish is to remind, or make people aware of the fact, that using violence to spread a ideal, by any organization regardless of their intentions is still Terrorism… by definition…

  • Simon C.

    From a European perspective both sides sounds very naive and subjective in their portrayal of the war. It ends up in a pseudo-discussion about war and terrorism, where their own standpoints weigh higher than factual truth.

  • dez

    I think the media helps perpetuate this false paradigm of right vs. left, repub vs. dem, black vs. white…and we learn to speak within these parameters. The political reality is that all of these people are pretty much in alignment…whether the welfare state or the warfare state, its still supporting a power structure that can give and take. If we just realized our collective ability to jump in the air at the same time, we could knock down mountains.

    The greatest trick Obama and Bush ever pulled was somehow convincing people that they were actually different from one another.

    Ivy League, Bombs, and Bailouts…

  • dez

    the reason I respect Lupe so much, is that he is willing to buck the peer pressure of the hip hop community to toe the party line. Lupe sees the power game for what it is. In the meantime, while we were having this discussion Obama and the rest of the NATO gang dropped a cluster bomb on innocent civilians and babies. If you or I did that, we would be murderers, when its the STATE its simply collateral damage. If i stole from you to give to someone else who I determined needed your possessions, I would be arrested for stealing. If the STATE does it it is justified.

    I think Lupe is throwing out the terrorism definition to prod us to re-think how we view the power structure.

    …and I respect everyone’s views on this thread, its refreshing to see such balanced discourse on the internet…where people can usually just push anonymous slime

  • Pirate7X

    I respect Lupe for beign provocative by calling the Pres a terrorist. It’s artistic license like when an artist paint a picture of Bush or anyone else as Hitler. I just wish Lupe brushed up on the MANY well-known misleading statements & false points O’Rielly has said in the past in order to debate him properly. This is all entertainment and you must prepare to perform for your audience and battle by studying your opponent.

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  • J Lou

    I like Lupe, but I think he speaks out of ignorance, unfortunately, like many young artist. I understand and the respect the creative licence to say whatever you want but we (America) can not just leave the Middle east. There is a responsiblity for being the biggest power in the world. This country has more freedom and liberty than any other country in the world. And for that we are expected to serve and protect all civil liberties.

  • Furtim_Infesto

    Interesting. I won’t say that I fully agree, but I get it. I understand what Lupe is getting at, but is that O’Really (spelled wrong on purpose) defending the president? Wow! Seriously though, they’re both highly ignorant and only claw at the surface. Lupe needs to stay in his lane and O’Riley needs to go off the air. As ignorant as they are to me they’re both right. I can’t argue that, but as I said before they claw at the surface.

  • Lupe vs. Bill O’riely I bet bill could take it to his A….. on the ball court . (LOL)

  • CEO911

    Oreilly is not defending the President – he is happily playing a role because FOX got a young black hip street-cred celebrity to bash Obama on national TV – like the KKK, we black folk are doing their work for them. What a “GET” for FOX Network !!!

    • dez

      Why do international issues like war and peace have to be viewed through the lens of race? Last time I checked Barack Obama was busy bombing brown folks all over the world. Is the issue of protecting the image of the first black/white president more important than the matters being discussed by Lupe or Bill O’?

      Barack Obama is doing more to destroy the black community than anybody out there right now. Checked that black unemployment rate recently?

  • Cokanutz

    seems like entertainment to me