Never one to pull punches on record or in interviews, Lupe Fiasco got with the hosts of Al Jazeera’s laptop-friendly program The Stream via Skype to speak on Obama, his thoughts on the Occupy Y’all Street movement and the role of celebrities like himself in it. In keeping with the show’s format Lupe takes some user-generated questions as well. Lots to chew on in there.


  • I have to say that even though Hip Hop artists/Lyricist are often misunderstood. Artists like Lupe Fiasco knows the true potentiality of his well-being and purpose as a man, not just a celebrity and will bridge the controversy and entertainment into one hybrid of rhetorical consciousness. He is a man of his word and will stick by it even if he sometimes realizes he is a “walking contradictory (WE ALL ARE). But he is a well rounded individual and he is “the voice of the people”! Nuff said!


    “most emcees 2day ain’t got nuthin 2say A 2 tha MF K” Ice T “ppl died so I could rhyme, U think i’m gonna grab the mic & waste my nations time” KRS …………they gotta be proud of this dude

  • i am not a catholic remember that

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