Kendrick Lamar is one of those dudes you automatically pay close attention to when they talk – be it in the booth or outside. We showed you an example of that last week, when Kendrick hooked up with the homie Murs. Now we get some interesting footage of Compton’s crown prince talking about the influential figures he mentions in his “HiiiPower” track, courtesy of Ruby Hornet. This is basically a follow-up to their Moving People video from last year, included after the jump.

props to RH


  • Marko-V

    I hope this guy doesn’t turn out to be a total lame in the long run. A lot has been placed on him and more and more I see the potential and the just unnatural confusion about the dude. Lyrics of knowledge and doesn’t read? From Compton gangland and dresses geeky? Is this something like Kurt Cobain hating the fame for the public stance yet working tirelessly to gain attention? Seems contrived

  • LALowkey

    I’m pretty sure when people ask you, “Do you read?” You think about books. But with our technology now, you don’t need a book to learn stuff about things. So I think he prolly DOES read, just not conventionally. Wikipedia, online articles, maybe even historical news clipping posted online; all of them aren’t books. You still can get a HEAVY dose of information from the internet.