The lifers at HKTV caught up with super-producer and DJ Just Blaze around 4am in a hotel lobby to talk about life and the current crossover between hip-hop and EDM (a phenomenon he takes some credit for. Um, thank you. I think.) Along the way Dr. Blaze also gets detailed about his work with Jay Electronica (Just, of course produced the classics “Exhibit A and Exhibit C”–note the Goldwatch-directed Nepal footage of Jay Elec in the intro to this Q&A). In addition to some commentary on the state of their current working relationship there are some great quotes about the making of the aforesaid bangers:

He’ll call me and be like, Come to London! And I’m like, Dude. We made “Exhibit A” in an attic in Detroit. I don’t need to be in London…or South Africa. At some studio in the jungle with panthers outside my door.

All that before running down his current projects, which apparently include working with “one of the biggest pop icons in the world” (hmm…). Definitely worth a watch (above).

props to HKTV


  • Marko-V

    Just Blaze was just here in St.Louis not too long ago for a soundclash and really turned up the city. Intelligent progressive voices in Hip Hop are too far overlooked.


  • Very smart man