Jazzy Jeff has got to be one of the most versatile human beings on Earth. Here he is putting down smokey 21st century torch songs on his new project with Ayah and then over here (above) him and Skillz are making UK fools lose they minds (literally–bras were thrown) by cutting up Nirvana and then over here Questlove is tweeting this clip around to illustrate why Jeff is the baddest DJ on the planet. Cotdamn that DJ made my day.

spotted at 2DB


  • More Skillz and Jazzy Jeff videos. I saw them in New Orleans and they were incredible.

  • Jericho Drumm

    Jazzy Jeff is INCREDIBLE!!!!! There’s a clip on YouTube, where he’s cutting the SHIT out of “Cavern” by Liquid Liquid.

    So dope.

  • pooch

    Where can I find audio downloads of the live shows for Jazz Jeff and Skillz?