For years, rap music chat boards have been home to boundless speculation about who would change the culture of hip-hop by coming out as the first gay rapper. There’s been tons of accusation and recently even a few questionable confessions (Lil B, Nicki Minaj). But Jay-Z may have just changed the game on a far more profound level by coming out as the first non-homophobic rapper (because in hip-hop, as a rule, even the gay rappers are homophobic). In an interview with CNN, Hov went out on a limb in support of POTUS Obama’s newfound stance on same-sex marriage, saying “I always thought it was something that’s holding the country back…what people do in their own homes is their business and you choose to love whoever you love. It’s no different than discriminatin’ against blacks. It’s discrimination, plain and simple.”

The freedom to take such an unconventional stand, of course, may come from having the baddest b*tch in the game (officially) wearing your chain (and now with the addition of Blue Ivy Carter, being the patriarch of the most famous nuclear family in the free world, right up there with the Obamas themselves). And Jay has never made a secret of his status as Obama super-stan and the timing of his Made in America festival (where Hov told Rolling Stone he intends to invite the POTUS to reprise his Al Green cover) with all the flags everywhere seems right in line with his campaign support. But just to balance things out a little, Jay put in a plug for the 1%, too: “We don’t want to knock anyone for being successful in America…the things that were happening were unjust and we should talk about that. Not just successful businessmen because people tend to get that message mixed up you know, like [if] you’re successful, you’re bad.” Watch and dissect above and below.

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  • Adam

    “Jay-Z may have just changed the game on a far more profound level by coming out as the first non-homophobic rapper”

    Not even close…Kanye was speaking out against homophobia like 5 years ago

    • True, and so did Game, Raekwon, Common (in a song even) and quite a few others as well. Homophobia is played out.

  • You Can’t be Serious

    It’s a shame that so many people can’t see through the b.s. Why hasn’t he said anything about it before now…drumroll please…because it’s election time. Also these “hustler, stay rich & fly” people are driven by the dollar, so a lot of what they say and do is done as a way to make money, gain more fans, etc. As for the gay discrimination being equal to black discrimination, YEAH RIGHT. What about gay people of color? In this society, wouldn’t they be doubly screwed? Jay-Z, Sitcho Stankin’ Behind Down (and take your attention -whoring chick with you). Ain’t nobody hatin, just speaking the truth. People eatin’ this nonsense up….Who cares, fool? You got where you got off of dope money and putting that ish in your community. Uncle Sam got where he is off of destruction, drugs, war, slavery. Sean, you made some tight songs, classics even, but you’re a fool. You aren’t Jehovah, you’re a man like anybody else. When you pass away, the worms aren’t going to skip over you because you were a good rapper.
    A fool is a fool whether he drives a Maybach or a bucket. ALL people of the human race, don’t be a fool.
    You Can’t Be Serious

  • AM

    All I have to say in our black community I’m begining to see more and more blacks gay. WE still have the issue with men being in the closet. It doesn’t matter if we think the POTUS is wrong on his stance. He is not gay and he is not marrrying a man. God is not going to not let him in heaven becasue he has come to the conclusion like I have thay gays are taking over. They are on tv, work, teachers, judges everywhere so it comes a time where a fight is not worth it because they are winning anyway.

    • “They are on tv, work, teachers, judges everywhere so it comes a time where a fight is not worth it because they are winning anyway.”

      And why shouldn’t they be on “tv, work, teachers, judges everywhere?” Heterosexual people still are as well. Gay people have always been around, it’s no recent invention or anything, they’re just finally gaining acceptance. Why would you even feel the need to “fight” anyone who is asking for nothing but equal rights?

    • jux55

      “God is not going to not let him in heaven”
      I love when religious people use this as a last stitch effort to salvage their stance. Can we be adults in 2012 and stop using fairy tales in arguments about the reality of the world. Every argument made about Gays has been made about Blacks in the U.S. (using religious text to justify condemnation etc.) Lets agree to grow up in 2012.

  • jux55

    Can we ask Obama about the economy and the soldiers who are still being killed overseas. Lets stay focused people.