It’s almost February, so you already know it’s time to Turn it Up! for your man Jay Dee. Just in time for the 5th edition of Donuts Are Forever, we get news of a new piece on J Dilla that is about to be released. Gifted Films Inc presents a Brian ‘B.Kyle’ Atkins project, J. Dilla: Still Shining. The comprehensive remembrance piece on the late great James ‘J. Dilla’ Yancey will be available February 7th via TheJDillaProject.com (the site isn’t up yet). The doc will feature unseen personal photos, and rare concert performance footage. Along with all of that, the project also will feature exclusive testimonials from friends and frequent collaborators like Erykah Badu, Dwele, Pete Rock, Bilal, ?uestlove, Busta Rhymes, Phat Kat, Common, Q-Tip, Houseshoes, and more. Check out the trailer, above.



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  • Goodtimes

    I’m sorry, but this documentary looks terrible! I love Dilla. I want nothing but the best for Ma Dukes and the whole camp. But as a film maker myself- I’ve done a documentary, so I do know what I’m talking about- the production value looks elementary. Is this seriously the best trailer you could come up with? And your website looks like you went on Google images and then doctored it up via an open source Photoshop clone. I really don’t mean any disrespect, but to me, Dilla is the Michael Jackson of hip hop; if you’re gonna do something about it him it had better be the HIGHEST quality of work. Now, I haven’t seen the doc obviously, so I will reserve total judgement until after I view it, but the first impression that was made isn’t very good. People are going to post this and tweet about it just because it’s Dilla, but I sincerely hope that the final product will warrant all of that. Good luck, and long live Dilla!

    • rotf!

      i love how the internet protects anonymity. because it allows one to spew venom in a passive aggressive manner w/o repercussion.

      you say “i really dont mean disrespect” but all i see is disrespect. your best comment would have been NO COMMENT.

      and reading “i will reserve total judgement until after i view it” is bullshit.

      you sound like a petty filmaker with that photoshop clone talk and “google images” stuff.

      bkyle was fortunate enough to have been probably the most consistent camera around during the last 10 years of dilla’s life.


      he was the only camera at the soulquarian shoot for vibe


      he was around for the majority of like water for chocolate-be recordings


      i know film technology has gotten way more advanced since 10 years back and whatnot.

      whoop di friggin doo.

      im not looking at edit this and edit that and whatever film terms you wanna use.

      im looking at the heavens like “thank god there is more unseen footage of dilla that hasn’t been covered before”

      notice im not wrapping this up in a “no disrespect” bow or some cover my ass “not for nothing…”

      no i mean total disrespect.

      this is what the fuck is wrong with us now! you see something the next man is doing and you instantly start shitting on his product WITHOUT EVEN SEEING IT!!!

      that is what is killing me right now.

      take it how you want.

      its rare that i get mad on my own website.

      but this shit has gone too fucking far.

      and ive had e fucking nuff.

      if you seen the product and you dont like it? would it be i good taste just to keep it movin? sure!

      (im not a big worshipper of one of 2010’s most acclaimed albums but you never seen ANY trace of my opinion on the subject correct? correct. because really NOT liking something is simply IGNORING IT. you come off like an envious ball player on the sideline wondering why you playing 2nd string. if your work is that magical? top his doc and make your own dilla doc!)

      but passing judgement on someone’s product and you never seen it? is bullshit.


    • chill

      haha what a douche bag…and i assume your talking about kanye west…what is it not “real hip-hop” enough for you lol? chill the fuck down and let people express thier opinions…

    • whatadickhead

      yeah if you don’t like it then you can choose to ignore it

    • whatadickhead

      …Goodtimes’ opinion that is…no need to rant

    • Black Irish

      Well, from a fellow filmmaker goodtimes…you’re full of shit. If there is any genre that allows for content over form/style, it is documentary. Besides, the subject is not really living, so any unseen footage of Dilla will probably be amateur, homemade, or outtakes of more professionally done stuff. The worth of a documentary isn’t in how impressive it looks, but its content and its ability to illuminate new (or perhaps unique) aspects or dimensions to its subject. The only way the production values on this could be “better” is if they added some corny reenactments or over-produced graphics. That stuff may have it’s place, but I’ll take substance any day thanks.

      As for the trailer, looks pretty cool. I’ll be looking forward to this when it comes out.

    • Dilla Fan

      Man i agree with a recent article I read from Kweli about you okay player haters. He said, ” People on OkayPlayer, especially that whole OkayPlayer community have been bigging up that Blu & Exile album [Below The Heavens] for so long. That community is so insular that I don’t always trust everything that they say is hot. So [when I first heard about Blu], I was kind of like this could be just some Hip Hop purist shit that’s not appealing to me. But when I sat down and listened to it, I was like “Whoa, not only is this incredible, this sounds like the album I would’ve put out if I was coming out.”

      I can’t agree more. Yes we all love JDilla and Goodtimes (the guy with the original post I am commenting on) does as well as stated inside of his post. Maybe he likes Dillas work and legacy more than some of you. As an artist and designer myself. I thought this looked kind of shoddy and un Dilla worthy as well. I mean the dude passed and his legend is still Large and people are still trying to emulate his sound.

      So I ask…does Dilla not deserve the best? I know when the trailer came on and I saw the choice of played out fonts, I was a little disappointed. Even with a shoddy camera, an editor who cares can dope up some of the worst footage not saying the person who made it doesn’t care but it could have been better. Dilla’s audience is artist’s for the most part, and with that in mind whoever made this should expect a kickback of positive and negative critique. We are suppose to make each other better as people, dont shoot homie down because he thinks he can do better, shit I think I can do better.

      All and all people will love it because its dilla, but for something like this, it could have been produced a bit more. It all comes down to do you wanna send your mans off in a pine box or something a little more extravagant?

    • woe

      it’s not like he’s lying. objectively speaking, the production value of the trailer really is subpar. just because we’re Dilla/Okayplayer supporters doesn’t mean we can’t be honest about these things.

    • DAVEKnyCE


    • tellthembout1970

      Still Shining…If you have permission to watch this video, please type in your password
      OK…But what’s the Password

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  • I’m not even gonna step into the argument above cause… come on… regardless, a passion for Dilla and his memory is cool with his fans, and personally I’m excited to see the project. Can’t wait for this.

  • jme3000

    wow ok yeah the trailer has a very low production value…looks like it was done on windows movie maker…& theres nothing wrong with saying that, he’s not putting down j dilla is he

  • wacko trailer + dope content = balance. it’s all good. bless you, b.kyle! i mean, that film is a must see for the “soulquarians” photo shoot alone, ha.

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  • Jericho Drumm

    What in “THE HELL” are y’all talking about?

    @Dilla Fan,

    Did Kweli really say that about the “OkayPlayer Haters?” If that’s true; that was a really shitty thing to say.

  • DILLA LIVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • woooow, lol i have yet to see the trailer, but
    1.) ill say I cant wait to see this footage aswell
    2.) I do hate opinions before the product was screened
    3.) I do agree anyone should be able to put their input
    4.) I had dream of my man last night…and his name was J dilla thats wats up, more dilla? thats wats up

  • K Samson

    What a storied career that James “Jay Dee” Yancey AKA J Dilla had. It tears me inside knowing that such a talented individual had to leave this planet so soon at age 32. Its going on five years since Dilla Dawg has been gone but whenever I play albums like Labcabincalifornia, Beats Rhymes and Life or Like Water For Chocolate, the sounds that this man had crafted for these albums were just astonishing. The Soulquarians were the greatest thing that ever happened to hip-hop, r&b, neo-soul….hell they were the best thing that ever happened to music period with their super talents. I hope VH1 gives him the hip-hop honors this year amongst possibly casting a screen film about his life soon too.

  • wc

    what is the controversy? the man stated his opinion. to me, the movie looks interesting enough to check for, but at the same time, i’m not expecting to be blown away… the same can be said for 98% of mass produced entertainment (audio and visual) that’s out there today. so serious.

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  • Dilla will always live on!

  • Cinque

    Almost shed a tear on that last part with his daughter!

  • jason

    I like how half the cats on here say “As an artist myself” right before they say this looks crappy. As if to say I could do a lot better than this. Shut the fuck up and do it then. What, yall want James Cameron to produce a 3D documentary about J Dilla!? Cmon people this is some underground grass roots documentary shit, enjoy it for what it is and quit hatin.

  • Solomon (S@NA!)



    I dont think people are going to watch for the quality but simply because its Dilla gorwing up and expirencing life seeing the changes in hip-hop and in the world those who kept soul and heart in the music stood out the most to me and im sure left a mark in the hearts of all real hip hop fans and to say j dilla is the michael jackson of hip hop haha no no no the two are not for comparison other than the fact that it took death for them to be more greatly recognized the film is another reminder of the greatness that will never b seen in this same form again R.I.B DILLA R.I.P Ol Dirty R.I.P GURU the generation that followed the golden age of hip hop is slowly coming to an end and our choices will mold a pathway for the new generation of hip hop

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