Goofy and yet 100% on-point Iron Solomon comes with the perfect anti-cubicle rap (“I need at least a week at leisure / take off on a six-day visa”) to complement everywhere-boy Gordon Voidwell‘s breezy shorts-and-socks melody on “Spring Fever”–just in time for the advent of warm weather in New York! Summer is almost here, let’s go!


  • Word. This is dope. “Spring Fever” time.

  • Joe VIctorine

    Fresh! Love the shorties.

  • Princess Sophia

    I loves Gordon Voidwell! Shorts-and-socks and all.

  • Charlotte

    o.m.f-in’ smoothness

  • Awwwyeahhh

    This song is fresh as hell. Video goes pretty perfect too.

  • Alist

    Whaaat!!? Iron Solomon & Gordon Voidwell together? never thought I’d see this. Love this song and video!!

  • The Seaman

    short shorts and psychedelic flowers! i’m in.

  • Shokoooooooo

    LoL This is so cool, awesome!!!!!!

  • Solomonstan

    Solomon is next!! He can be the next em but he’s got his own style. can’t wait for his album MONSTER!!!

  • Princess Obama

    Ill shit!

  • Brings a little bit of sunshine on a rainy day.. !

  • 10thwonder

    Those are some of the fuglyest people I have ever seen in my life. I really hope that video was a joke!!!!!! Ha ha ha

  • nystandup

    song is dope!!! video is kinda corny and doesn’t fit but solomon is a legend

  • yalldumbashell

    yo what the fuck is this bullshit. this is some gay ass homo music and video…what the fuck is he wearing…ill take the classic big rims and hoes over this shit.

  • Mike


  • b.g.-d

    i before e. “premiere”