Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap is a new documentary that takes viewers inside the heart and soul of hip-hop – the growth, the music, the culture and most importantly the people. Fresh off its premiere at the Sundance film festival (where it was praised as a must-see) the film takes a truly honest approach to exploring the journey of the music, once dismissed as street music, right up to the world-conquering present, wherein rap has rightfully taken its place as legitimate genre (with sub-genres, even) and a cultural force to be reckoned with. Narrated and directed by original gangster Ice-T, who takes a personal approach to highlighting the high and lows via interviews with the likes of YasiinSnoop, Kanye, Em, Nas and a whole grip of other legendary MCs. Looks like this just might be one of the better documentaries on the subject we’re ever likely to get, so do check it out (above).

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  • wow…..
    The same dude who told a certain young rapper to step his game up.
    lol……Hugs to ICE for this

  • Tom

    good stuff, this looks great

  • Hope it will come out in France! Peace.

  • k

    I’m so excited for this, I hope it’ll be released in Canada…

  • I’m a very proud of Ice T for making this. It is very needed at this point in popular music. Many generations of hip hop have passed and we all need a little history lesson into our culture. I will DEFINITELY support this.

  • Marc G’s

    Seems to be right on time for the culture. We need a introspective film so a younger generation can be introduced to where the art form originated from.

  • thomas

    i wonder if Soulja Boys gonna get an interview hahaha

  • This movie was very necessary and showed true essence of emcee element of hip-hop! The difference between a rapper and an emcee and revealed that hip-hop is different than rap and serves a more important purpose! Big up to Ice-T and I pray the movie does well. Ppl need to see it and really understand it for what it is. Great work!