In the next installment of their pretty freakin amazing series of cross-everything artistic collaborations the benevolent geniuses behind the MADE space in Berlin invited Erykah Badu to come perform live with Miki’s String Quartet and visual artist Jaybo. And it’s pretty freaking amazing.

props to MADE


  • Pick a name

    there`s five of them, so it ain`t a quartet….

    • really


    • ImNotAmerican


    • sis.courtney

      lol. I believe its a typo cause this bro clearly said quintet in the vid.

    • Jorge Canovas

      I think I know what happened, kinda..

      String quartets RARELY play with a double bassist.. It could be that the ENTITY of Miki’s band IS a quartet, but that they hired a bassist for the event. I mean, it is hip-hop/soul/R&B fused with strings.. They would need the bassists.

      But I see what you mean… It should have been string quintet, but just remember that it could be MIKI’S String Quartet everyday at the office, except for this particular evening.