This is pretty dope. In this vid Dumbtron (Wille Evans Jr. & Paten Locke) perform a live version of their song “Stay Classy.” The song will appear on Sucio Smash‘s compilation release, Sucio Smash presents: High Water Music (2/6). On February 6th, Willie Evans Jr. and Paten Locke will be performing together as Dumbtron. The performance will be streamed live via TheNerdySouth.com (more info after the jump).


  • This video just reinforces what I’ve been saying about how dope Willie Ev and Paten Locke are. And again I say, look out for the Willie Ev album. It’s gonna be bananas…..

  • ChunkyFresh

    Yo this is insane how you chop video and while the other is cutting up a break beat , wow
    My favorite line is translation Niggas is Broke , Can’t wait to hear a whole album with Willie Evans Jt , Communications still in rotation

  • SteadieRoc

    Willie Evans and Paten Locke to dope mc’s dope live performance from start to finish great energy if they are in your neck of the woods go see you will not be disappointed at all don’t thank cause these brothers ant sign to no major labels they cant rock please believe me i’ve been to some major label shows and be like really how dare you call yourself a mc and not put your all into a live show so thumbs up to Willie Evans Jr. and Paten Locke for always bringing the energy and lyrics can’t forget that and them mickey fickey beats oh my god i can ramble on in this triple run on sentence.

  • Cristoputo

    Dope shit. Can’t wait to listen to more stuff from them.

  • WOWZERZ !!!!

  • Arsun F!st

    Had to come thru and show my brothers some love…P.Locke and Willie Evans, DUMBTRON Gets it in!!!