It’s not easy to compete for the worlds attention when you’re sharing the bill with the Barackness Monster but lest we overlook it, Dave Matthews in acoustic duet with Captain Kirk of The Roots, making a live debut of this magnitude is ALSO fairly epic, just not presidential. Did DM somehow know he was going to have to bring his A+ game when he wrote this song, because it would debut on one of the most-watched late night TV broadcasts ever (<–my own personal prediction). It appears he did know that. Or maybe he always comes this dope but I never noticed the other times.


Dave Matthews in duet with guitarist Captain Kirk of The Roots, live debut of "Mercy" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

props to LNWJF


  • Kolton Baker

    Fuck you. Fuck every living human-being on this planet. This here, is what it’s all about. The Roots, Dave Mathews Band. What a captivating movement, on national television during such an important moment. The song says it all…. listen, believe! I can’t fuck with this shit, it’s too heavy. What up doe?