Block-Party-organizer, comic genius and (sort of) Hi-Tek collaborator Dave Chappelle recently gave his first on-air interview in five years. He talks about Kanye West doing his first TV appearance on Chappelle’s Show, getting heckled by Seminole Indians at a charity show with Alicia Keys and Cee-Lo–and a few other OKP-related things that justify us posting this interview other than just the fact that we really wanted to watch this shit ourselves. Watch Part 2 after the jump.


  • vonduch78

    come baaaack dave……come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….aaaaaaaaack.

  • Tone BeLone

    If I were Chapelle sitting in with these cats for an interview it would encourage me stay away from the media as much as possible too. What a couple of dim witted arseholes…

  • NARLy

    “Speaking of Bubbles, what do you think of Nicki Minaj’s butt?” Are you kidding me Rico?

  • Oscar

    biggest fuckin faggots. this interview was whack.

    dave chappelle one love

  • yo

    haaa, he’s ready to spark that cigarette at any second

  • yo

    yeah, these guys are clowns though

  • KD06

    Those cats were the worst interviewers ever…. I wish Chapelle the best and if he wants to chill so be it….

  • KD06

    I normally don’t comment twice on too much of anything on here but these cats were some real clowns. Chapelle is in a different spot and they are just trying to hard to create a buzz around controversy instead of find out what he’s into now and etc. I to get on my stuck in 1995′ moments when it comes to hip hop but I recognize people are going to do them.

  • aileenforpeace

    i just wasted 14 minutes of my life watching that. the guys interviewing him were talking nonsense.

  • Jericho Drumm

    Who in THE HELL are these two or three jokers, conducting this interview?

    Wow, they suck. “Chappelle, do you care?” Dave should have answered, “No motherfucker, I don’t care. Bama!!!’

    Thank god for Sirius/XM.

  • WTH?!

    W.I.T.H were those DJ lames?! Geezis, they were wack as F*&!!

  • Dave, do you big homie!