Common sat down recently with the professors of hardknock at HKTV to talk about his standing with Kanye & G.O.O.D. Music, working with No I.D. on the new LP (November 22nd, baby) and a little old crew called the Soulquarians. Another thing that’ll make your ears cock up Scooby Doo-style: plans to make a rumored Nas mixtape collabo–tentatively titled Nas (dot) Com–into a proper album in the not too distant future. Watch and check some behind the scenes flics from the video shoot for his current single “Blue Sky” (went down Friday in L.A.) after the jump.


  • troubleman81

    dope on dope on dope on dope……we need all that, Nas dot Com, soulquarians, com starring in a action flick…..the dreamer, the believer.

  • Krys

    “I’m a black man, I can do it. I’m universal”…love that!!!

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